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Workshop: 2-Day Sourdough Course

Type of Course: Hands-on | Course Length: 2 days | Time: Friday 10AM - 3PM | Saturday 11AM - 1:30PM

Space: 6 students | $180

Break: On Friday, students are allotted a 30-45 minute lunch break.

In this two day baking course, you will not only gain a new understanding of baking with wild yeast cultures but also expand your hands-on baking knowledge and your overall bread repertoire.

We will cover the history of bread making, the properties of wild yeast cultures, and how to mix, shape, proof, and bake naturally leavened bread at home. Class includes recipe handouts, presentations, hands-on instruction, and a Q&A session. Students will also leave with their own starter, 1lb. bag of flour, dough scraper, a proofing basket, and a loaf they mixed, shaped, scored and baked.

Principles that will be covered

  • The history of bread making, the commercialization of bread, and the old-world approach of bread making

  • Understanding our agriculture systems regarding flour and how flour is considered a ‘produce’

  • Types of grains and flour, baking with freshly milled flour, sourcing local flours, understanding milling methods

  • Creating a wild yeast culture (starter) and maintaining its health

  • Recipe building and baker’s percentages to formulate your own recipes

  • Creating a baking schedule that works for your lifestyle, and managing the starter to fit your baking schedule.

  • Discovering how slow fermentation process transforms bread into an easily digestible, gut-friendly food

  • In-depth and hands-on approach to mixing, fermentation, shaping, and proofing

  • Baking bread at home in a dutch oven or cast-iron